Our Speciality
_ Exceptional care with gentle touch and special behaviour management techniques for children
_ Pit and fissure sealants for prevention of decay
_ Painless root canal treatment for children
_ Tooth coloured fluoride releasing filling for children

Pedodontia involves the treatment of deciduous teeth, maintainance of spacing after premature shedding of teeth etc.

_ For Normal Alignment and development the child should be visited to dentist from his age of 3

Common Symptoms
_ Uneven teeth
_ Discolouration / Broken teeth due to trauma
_ Caries ( Nursing Bottle Caries)
_ Habit of thumb sucking)
_ Carious front teeth (Nursing Bottle Caries)
_ Unusual Eruption, Spacing of teeth

Consequences due to delayed treatment
If Left Untreated the infection may spread from the roots to growing permanent buds and cause damage to its development.

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