PAINFREE R.C.T. - Root Canal Treatment

Our Speciality
Single sitting painless root canal treatment with advanced technology.

RCT is a treatment for saving a tooth by cleaning out the damaged nerve or infection which has formed at the roots of the teeth and filling the tooth roots with biocompatible material.

Common Complains
_ Significant constant pain specifically increased during night
_ Sensitivity upon hot and cold intake
_ Pain on chewing on that side
_ Discolouration of tooth (front teeth)
_ Sometimes swelling of the face on affected side
_ Pain is not always the criteria for root canal treatment. Absence of pain also require root canal treatment

Consequences due to unattended tooth
When the eruption of teeth and growth of jaw does not coincide with each other mal-alignment develops.

_ Chronic pus formation can create abscess or cyst
_ Spread of infection from the involved tooth to the adjacent teeth and surrounding jaw bone
_ Inability to chew on one side resulting unbalanced chewing
_ Fracture of the tooth and subsequent removal of the tooth due to high infection

A crown (cap) is needed on a root canal treated tooth because such tooth becomes so brittle that it can break even with the normal forces of mastication (chewing).

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