"Assurance of complete sterilization"
_ Best-in-the-market sterilization methods and disinfection procedures to prevent any kind of cross infections and infectious diseases.

_ Use of disposable gloves, masks, needles, syringes, glasses, etc. - SEPARATE for each patient and discarded immediately after single use

For non- disposable items and instruments we strictly follow the four level sterilization standard:-

1. Instruments are scrubbed thoroughly to get rid of debris

2. Instruments are immersed in 5% sterilizing solutions for one hour to achieve basic disinfection

3. Cold sterile instruments are then safely placed in sterile packs which undergo sterilization procedure through autoclave (steam under pressure)

4. Packed sterilized instruments are kept in formalin chamber to maintain sterilization

"Care for the environment"

Biomedical waste: Special tie up with biomedical waste management companies

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