Our Speciality
Fixed ceramic teeth with advanced laboratory setup and CAD – CAM technology.

Fixed Bridge is a replacement of missing tooth is replaced with th support of two adjacent teeth.

bridges, proceera , zirconia crowns and bridges , flexible dentures

Common Complains due to missing teeth
_ Change in appearance of face (unaesthetic look)
_ Inability to chew properly
_ Spacing between teeth with complain of food lodgement
_ Unaesthetic look due to missing front teeth

_ Migration/drifting of neighbouring teeth
_ Supraeruption (tooth out from socket)
_ One sided chewing (unbalance chin) shifting of face
_ Accelerate the further dental problem like tooth decay, spacing gum diseases etc
_ Excessive load on rest of the teeth leads to eventual loss of tooth

Advantages of fixed teeth over removable
_ More natural feeling (no foreign body sensation)
_ High chewing efficiency as like natural tooth
_ Natural speech due to absence of denture plates
_ Long life, high comfort
_ Enhance psychological confidence of one individual

When the fix teeth either with bridge or implant is not possible, We have better option of removable teeth.
_ Flexible denture
_ Metal dentures

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