Our Speciality
- Fixed dentures and bridges with multiple implants

- No need to wear a loose denture

We are using CE, FDA approved Implant Systems
_ Dental implant is a titanium root which is placed in the missing part of the jaw over which artificial teeth are fixed

_ It is latest and best replant option for single , multiple or all missing teeth at any age

_ Generally placing an implant requires one surgical visit and several follow up visits , but now a days immediate implantation that is removal of teeth at the same time implant placement is also possible.

Benefits of dental implants
_ Preservation of natural teeth ( no teeth trimming)
_ Better chewing efficiency
_ High esthetic value
_ Better comfort in speech

Common problems

_ Ill fitting dentures (loose dentures)

_ Fixed bridge is not possible because of inadequate tooth support

_ Lack of confidence due to unaesthetic look and removable dentures

Available implant treatments

_ Fix denture in one hour

_ Single tooth implant

_ Multiple teeth implants

_ Implant supported fix denture

_ Sinus lifting procedures

_ Bone regeneration treatment

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