GUM TREATMENT (pyorrhoea)

Our Speciality
Flap surgeries (gum treatment ) with new bone generation techniques and gum repositioning.

Gum Diseases – Pyorrhoea also known as periodontal diseases are mainly caused by deposition of plaque, tartar and calculus that leads to damage of the surrounding and supportive structure of the tooth like gingival , periodontal fibres and bone.

Common Complains
_ Bleeding gums
_ Foul smelling (bad breath)
_ Mobile teeth
_ Sensitive teeth
_ Gum recession (long teeth)
_ Tartar deposition (yellow / black) line appearance at the neck of the tooth

If it is not attended at proper time further detoriation of supporting structures (gingiva,fibres and bone) continues leading to loss of bone involving the rest of the teeth that leads to loss of teeth at early age.

Stages of gum diseases
_ Healthy gingival
_ Gingivitis
_ Periodontitis
_ Advanced periodontitis

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